We design & make LoRaWAN sensor devices

For customers seeking long range delivery of data from and to ‘things’.

We’ll implement the hardware and the firmware logic to make it happen!

Liquid Level Pressure Sensor

This is a high quality tank liquid level pressure sensor, connected to our LoraWAN, microcontroller/radio board, to communicate the data over long distances. A version of this is currently being sold worldwide by our Australian customer, to whom we supply assembled and tested printed circuit boards with associated firmware.

High Voltage Electricity Cable Height Monitoring

A project to develop a device to continuously monitor cable height above the ground using a safe laser. Communicating the data via long range wireless.

Irrigation Solenoid Valve I2C Controller

This is an all solid state, I2C interface device, which we designed to enable a microcontroller to switch solenoid operated irrigation valves on and off.

Ultrasonic tank level monitor

These LoraWAN, waterproof ultrasonic units have been supplied to several customers in different countries to monitor the height of liquids in tanks. Maximum measurement range is about 6 metres. Batteries typically last well over a year.

RS485/Modbus to I2C Board

We designed this board primarily to interface RS485/Modbus soil moisture sensors, amongst others, to our LoRaWAN microcontroller board via I2C. In addition to RS485/Modbus to I2C interfacing the board also provides a voltage boost output to 20 volts to power the sensor devices.

Air Quality Monitoring

An accurate air particle sensor was interfaced to our LoraWAN radio board, powered by a Maximum Power Point Tracking solar management board that we have developed.

Retro-Fitted Smoke Detector

We designed this tiny 22 x 25mm LoraWAN board to be retrofitted to an existing smoke detector to enable it to send an alarm to a distant communications gateway.

Microcontroller / LoraWAN radio board

This board was designed to enable different types of sensors and actuators to communicate data via long range, low cost LoraWAN wireless. It incorporates an AcSIP (System in a Package) device that implements an STM32L073 microcontroller and Semtech SX1276 Lora transceiver. It also has internal and external battery (DC voltage) monitors. It provides an pulse counter interface, which has been used to count pulses from rain gauges and water meters and also an ultrasonic ranging, pulse width interface. It can supply either 3.3 or 5 volts to power external sensors. It uses less than 10 micro amps of current to be able to operate from a lithium battery for up to 5 years depending on the application. The board also implements FRAM memory to support parameter changes and data logging. We have developed a communications and drivers stack based on Semtech's reference design.

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